Bicycle Pet Seat


Dogrider® dog seat, is a fun way to safely take your dog on a bike ride and spend a lot more free time with him.


For smaller dog breeds, there is no better alternative than Dogrider®.


A fun way to take your four-legged friend on a bike tour



Hours of healthy outdoor fun with your best friend


Your dog sits in a comfortable position and is held securely in place by the harness


Thanks to the sitting position between your arms, your dog feels secure and thus he can sit still



You don't have to leave your four-legged friend at home; you have more shared experiences


You have an overview of your dog and can talk to each other while driving


The dog is comfortably placed in the middle of the bike and therefore has no disruptive influence on the ride


The seat fits on every bike, is simply attached to the seat post. All dogs up to 10 kg (22 pounds) fit in


Mr. Eda, Prague 4

Yesterday we mounted the seat on the bike and took our poodle Dasenka on a ride. Dasenka immediately fell in love with the seat and from the start I saw how she liked it. The seat was very easy to assemble and is much more sturdy than I expected. It's very solid and stable.


Petr Kaspar, Pisecko

I bought DOGRIDER for my canine girl and I have to say that this product literally lifted all of my doubts! One ride and our puppy Berticka jumped on the bike and asked for another continuation. The seat goes beyond what I hoped for and is well thought out, we feel safe and both enjoy the ride.

Luise, Heinrich and Chipsy with Oscar

Hello, I am also attaching a photo from our trip to Saldenburg. Our two dogs love Dogrider like a duck love water and have already had a few nice trips behind them. They love to be with us and have a good overview as a bonus. We're definitely giving a big thumbs up. Again, thanks and goodbye. 

John H., Pittsburgh PA

Today I received Dogrider. I really want to thank you guys for this invention. From the surprisingly easy assembly to the smooth ride where you don't feel like you have anything on the bike. When I was licked several times by our Barca, I knew I had hit a jackpot with this seat.